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Toyota announces a Hall of Fame for the real heroes of Fantasy Football -- the regular Joes with extraordinary achievements.


Andy Mousalimas

Andy Mousalimas revolutionized Fantasy Football.

As the owner of the Oakland sports bar Kings X and a founding member of the first Fantasy Football league in 1962, Mousalimas was perfectly placed to spread the word about the young game. And he did. Watch the Hall of Famer’s amazing story in the video.


John Rozek

John Rozek’s beginnings were modest. But his achievements are historic. Today, Hall of Famer Rozek towers over the world of Fantasy Football as perhaps the greatest player on Earth. Find out how he rose to greatness in the video.


Kimra Schleicher

Hall of Famer Kimra Schleicher is one of the best high-stakes Fantasy Football players around. Her ability to perform under intense pressure is unparalleled. Check out her entire amazing story in the video.


Chadd Bishop

Chadd Bishop has played Fantasy Football for more than 15 years. He has won more than nine Yahoo! Fantasy Football championships, including an undefeated season. In all, Bishop has won almost 300 Yahoo! Fantasy Football games and has an 86% winning percentage.


Erick Grafemeyer

Erick Grafemeyer has played Fantasy Football since 1999. His record in Yahoo! Fantasy Football is impressive, having finished in the “Top 3” 22 times out of 36 leagues, and winning 11 times. He has been quoted as saying, “I love this game so much I just can't get enough of it. Every year I find ways to play as much as I possibly can because I love it so much.”


Brian Music

Brian Music has played Yahoo! Fantasy Football since 2001. In that time, he has built up a 65% winning percentage. His teams have both ranked in the top two and have won trophies in over 70% of the leagues he’s played in, and have ranked in the top two in overall points in over 85% of his leagues. In total, he has over 23 years of Fantasy Football experience.


Philip Lewis

Philip Lewis has played in 38 Fantasy Football leagues. He’s won his leagues 13 times, taken second place six times, and ranked in third place four times. In 2004, he won all four of the Yahoo! leagues he played in, and won a Fantasy Championship in every year except 2005. He has made the playoffs in every year since 2001.


Greg Padgett

Greg Padgett has a “natural knack for numbers” and has used his knowledge of spreadsheets and pivot tables, sophisticated mathematical formulas, and the game of football itself to amass a remarkable record. He is the only multi-winner of the prestigious 32-team NOVA Invitational, in which he triumphed 3 times.