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Class of 2014

Craig Kasin

Craig Kasin's bust

I deserve to be inducted because I am awesome at fantasy football. Football has meant so very much to me throughout my whole life. I played for many years and just love the game .Now that I?m old and the body doesn?t work so well fantasy football is the thing for me .I play with close friends and have made many new friends. Over the years fantasy football has become a bit of a family event .I?m in several leagues with 7 of my nephews and my brother and although my children are young I can?t wait until they start playing also. This time of year it just seems to bring everyone together and we keep in constant contact each week with each other talking football. Some of the relationships I have made from fantasy football cannot be replaced and I look forward to the new ones yet to come. I have won my own league 8 years in a row. I consistently draft a very competitive team in all leagues. I?ve won 29 trophies out of 40 leagues and have over 200 medals in yahoo since 2004 and have won in several other leagues also over the last 10 years as well. It?s hard to keep track there are so many. If all leagues were points only instead of head to head I?d probably have more. Like I said I consistently draft high point teams but sometimes you get terrible match ups against people who have one great week and stink otherwise. I?m a football addict. To be inducted into the hall of fame would really be great to show the naysayers and make it all worthwhile all those days of complaint from my wife that I spend too much time on football. It would be a great honor for me and something I would always cherish to be inducted. I will do you proud and this would lend credence to all those late nights .To most it may mean nothing but to me everything. I would love to show hall of fame credentials to all my friends and family. It?s the one thing left that I need to accomplish in fantasy football. Make me proud pick me and I will show it off to all my friends and everyone else. The record speaks for itself. Thank you.

Chad Robb

Chad Robb's bust

My name is Chad Robb and I live in Omaha, Nebraska.

This is my 28th year playing fantasy football. I started when I was 12, when my father and his friends created a league. My dad did not have time to run his team, so I not only took over his team; I took over the league.

I remember calling in my lineup to our commissioner each Sunday morning. Each Monday morning I would run to the newspaper stand to check the box score to see how my team performed. The game has changed a lot since I started to play fantasy football.

In my 28 years I have played in 92 leagues! I have won 41 of them and I look to win many more. I started playing fantasy sports on Yahoo in 2001. I have played in 34 leagues on the site and won 13 with another 5 second place finishes.

I should be inducted into the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame because I have been a member of the group of people who have been playing this game since the early stages of Fantasy Football and I have learned to master the craft of winning leagues. I have also introduced the game to hundreds of people and help Fantasy Football grow to what it is today.

I am a Featured Columnist for a major sports website and have over 1.3 million reads on my fantasy articles. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and helping them win their leagues.

The key to my success is to dominate the waiver wire and always looking to trade. My philosophy is to play the player when he is hot and get rid of him when he is not. This is not real football. I did not sign these players to a five year deal. My team will only consist of players who are performing well. Recognizing when a player is about to go downhill is a gift I have.

I served 14 years in the Air Force and my fantasy football career has never missed a beat. I was stationed overseas for four of the 14 years. I often would wake up a 3am to see my teams play before I went to work. Although I was thousands of miles away from the nearest professional football stadium, I was still able to dominate my leagues even though my competition was in the United States.

My greatest success story happened in 1998. I was serving in the Air Force in the Middle East and was unable to draft my team. The members of my league tried to give me a bunch of bums, but I turned them into my fantasy championship team by trading and picking up new players. I only lost one game that year on the way to winning the championship.

Fantasy football is so important to me because I have been doing it for most of my life and I am a very competitive person. People refer to me as ?MrFantasy? on Yahoo. How can there be a Fantasy Football Hall of Fame without ?MrFantasy? as a member?

I hope you will consider me as a member of the 2014 Class of the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame.

Jeremy Lias

Jeremy Lias's bust

Hey everybody. My name is Jeremy Lias. I currently reside in Souderton, PA and I believe that I should be inducted into the Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame this season because of my overall winning record and total number of championships that I’ve won. Let me give you a little background on my credentials. I began playing fantasy football back in 2002. I instantly fell in love with playing fantasy football. I have played ever since 2002 and up until last year I have played in 10 seasons and participating in 20 leagues. During that span, I have compiled an overall win-loss record of 210-107 which comes out to a 66% winning percentage. I have also won 11 total championships going undefeated 5 times out of those 11 times. I love to play fantasy football to the point that I participate in about 100-150 mock drafts during the season, read fantasy football magazines and books and I am glued to the t.v. To try and get waiver wire tips, player news, start/sit news, injury updates, power rankings and anything else that I can use as a tool in setting my weekly lineups. I also make some bold moves through out the season, some times just following a gut feeling. It can be a huge risk, but I look genius if it works out. To sum it all up, I’M A DIE-HARD FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN!!!!! If I were to name just one highlight of my fantasy football experience, it would have to be winning my leagues the past5 consecutive seasons. In that five season span, I have an overall record including playoffs of 78 wins and 5 loses an going undefeated three times. Dating back to the 2011 season and including my wins so far this season, I am riding a 45 game winning streak. Counting this season my current overall win-loss record is 221-108 which equates to a 67% winning percentage. With all of my championships and my win-loss record to date as well as my passion for the game of fantasy football and for passion for competition, I believe that I am 100% worthy of an induction it to the Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame and I would greatly appreciate you’re vote to get me there. Thank you and God Bless you all!!!!!

Vikram Atit

Vikram Atit's bust

This time of the year is special to me. I love football and fantasy football. Growing up in India I didn?t know anything about football when I came here but I latched on to the game fairly quickly and now its my favorite sport to follow. I follow the draft closely and I know not only the starters but also the backups of backups of all teams and also what round they have been drafted etc. I read a lot so I always stay updated.

I have a overall performance rating of 75 percent and rate as an all star on yahoos page. I only play in money leagues and all of my leagues are with entirely different people. Its not the money thats important but by playing only in money leagues it ensures a high level of competition and for me thats the whole fun of playing. Its no fun to beat an opponent who has given up on the season and hasn?t adjusted their lineup. I play in different size leagues -10,12,14,16 and even 20 until last year including defensive players in one league.

Over the years since 2001 I have won many championships and have gone undefeated twice.

Last year for example I made the playoffs in all 8 of my leagues, made the semifinals in 7 out of 8 and won two of them.

I feel I deserve to be an all star because my record in the highly competitive leagues which I play in speaks for itself. I play with a lot of knowledge and passion. I have never given up on any team no matter what my record. Even if I am outside the country I make sure to attack the waiver wire and adjust my lineup.

Fantasy football over the years has become an integral part of my life.
I request your vote to put me in. It would be a honor.

Vikram Atit

Jamie Roussell

Jamie Roussell's bust

Heart of a Champion?Heart of a Hall of Famer

To compete to win is all I live for. That is the Drive. That is the mantra and the motto and the passion that fuels the few who continue to reach the top of the mountain my passion to be the very best pushes me forward.

Being the Very best is not about an undefeated record, and it?s not about how many blowouts you?ve executed, or even the title itself. The heart of a champion drives him to be in position to be the very best year in and year out. Almost anyone can have luck shine on him and win a title here or there? it still doesn?t make you the best. However, in my case, it?s the ability to strike fear into the hearts of your competitors by making them know, ?This guy is the one to beat EVERY YEAR.? That?s me Toyota. Over the course of nearly 14 years now (I began in 2002 even though yahoo began stats tracking in 2004) I have managed 50 teams, not including the 11 I currently manage which are still in seasonal competitions. Of the 50 teams I managed over the course of approximately 13 years, I have captured 16 world championships, earned 13 silver medals, and 7 bronze.

Do you know what that really means, It means I average better than one world championship per year within an average 4 team radius, but there something even great than that. It means that those 16 world championships could very easily have been 36. In addition to all those titles, I have earned 304 medals and counting, and I would think that a very small percentage of owners have ever reached that mark. It means that no matter what, year in and year out I am the team to beat and the other owners shoot for me. That?s the true mark of a champion and a hall of famer. I have competed against the very best of competition from all over the world, and I have beaten them 60% of the time for nearly fourteen years and counting. I have earned 17 Living Legends awards and counting, have beaten the best in high performance, yardage, touchdown, PPR, and every league type imaginable, and won, for nearly fourteen years. In the end, when an owner can produce such great results for so long, against obstacle after obstacle, that says, LEGEND. That says,? Toyota Hall of Fame.

Class of 2013

Micah Friesen

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I enter each fantasy football season with one goal in mind; bring home the ?SHIP??Championship that is.

I have been playing fantasy football on Yahoo for over ten years now, and I don?t have enough fingers for all my championship rings. I am very tough to beat come tournament time, and win over 85% of my playoff matchups.

Each season my fantasy football teams are stacked with top ranked players, successful sleepers, and over-performing waiver wire pick-ups. These guys don?t end up on my roster by accident. I do my homework; and I am not afraid to take risks and use my instincts. I know how to consistently build balanced teams. I try to think ahead of my opponents. I memorize depth charts and bye weeks so I can set the best possible lineup every week. I love the thrill of finding fantasy production from overlooked, unwanted, and undervalued players.

Fantasy Football has brought me a lot of joy over the years. It is without a doubt, my favorite time of year. It would be a great honor to be a member of the Toyota Fantasy Football Hall Of Fame.

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner's bust

My name is Steve Gardner. I live in Chico, California, home of one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. I grew up in Minnesota, in a football-loving family, where I played football whenever, wherever I could. My love of Fantasy Football all started in 8th grade when my friend told me to come over with the newspaper and a piece of paper and pencil and said we were going to hold our first draft, just the two of us. It was at college in La Crosse, Wisconsin where I won my first Fantasy Football League that earned prize money. I?ve been playing Fantasy Football for over 30 years, and involved with Yahoo Fantasy Sports since 2003. I?ve won 12 Football Championships, playing in 56 leagues, as well as coming in 2nd place 7 times, and 3rd place 10 times. I?ve developed an understanding of how players are used in the game plan to develop my lineup ? working hard, putting in countless hours looking at my line ups. I have found that a couple of the keys to being a Hall of Fame caliber player are patience and consistency ? knowing when and where to pull the trigger. Being inducted into the Yahoo Toyota?s Legend?s of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame would be an honor because I?d represent all the online players who just play because it?s our passion! I?m just a regular guy playing in leagues just like you, so voting for me would be like voting for you. Thank you for your support! I?ve had the opportunity to play against some of the top Fantasy players in the world through Yahoo. My opponents (strangers, friends and family) have been a great inspiration in helping me stay at the top of my game. I look at these players more as my teammates than my adversaries. Proverbs 27:17 says, ?As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another?. That being said, I would like to thank the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who, without Him, none of this would be possible. Thank you for helping me, Steve Gardner, get inducted into the Yahoo Toyota?s Legend?s of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame!

Keith Mason

Keith Mason's bust

Why do I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?? I, Keith Mason believe I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because my fantasy football career is good enough for me to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I have been a Fantasy Football Champion ten times. I was undefeated in 2007 when I became fantasy football champion. Also, I have received more than 120 medals throughout my career. Additionally, during my championship years, my fantasy football record consist of 114 wins and only 26 losses.

Michael Klein

Michael Klein's bust

Football has been a part of our family for as long as any of us can remember. Going to games with our father was a ritual that began when I was not quite four years old. We had tickets in two different sections and the only debate was who got to sit with my dad. By the time my father passed away, we had already spent part of four decades of weekends together as a family. Snow, rain, or sun, we watched some of the game’s legends from their rookie seasons to stardom. We shared big plays with a section of fans that we built friendships with as we watched our families grow and expand.

Growing up with football also meant playing, from backyard, to punt pass and kick, through school and eventually to “old man’ touch football. After nearly 40 years, one broken thumb and games that ended with me changing into a suit over mud caked knees, my football playing days were over. Now it is our son’s turns. My son, now eleven, is in his third full season of tackle football. He is entering his first championship game this season. I believe he has a shot to be a player.

Professional football is his passion. He has been attending games for eight seasons, has attended preseason training camp and has been to the big game in Indy and New Orleans. But what has filled his entire mind is Fantasy Football.

Fantasy has transformed our involvement with football. Our principal league is our extended family and the competition is fierce. My son and I are a team. The league starts each year with a formal, face to face, all day draft and rarely does a draft end without injury. The season is filled with trades, adds and drops. In fact, last year we made nearly 50 transactions in our victory march. We have been fortunate, winning our league each year, including a record 3513 points in 2011 and following on with a near record 3396 points in 2012. In those two seasons, our best, we won nearly 30 of 34 weeks. The effort was an all consuming study of weekly stats and deft timing including many early morning and late night transactions.

Fantasy Football requires constant focus. Wherever I am travelling for work, my son and I discuss our roster daily. We play a momentum strategy that only after several seasons has the rest of our league begun to copy.

For our sons, Fantasy has made Football come to life every day. Yahoo Fantasy Football has given our family a great excuse to compete, learn and have fun.

Jon LaPointe

Jon LaPointe's bust

This Honor would be incredible, but I cannot tell you in words why I would deserve such an honor. I believe that this is a matter for whoever decides who should be Hall of Fame worthy to determine based on my past, present, and potential future performances. With that being stated: I believe I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame for the numerous Championships, Runner-up finishes, trophies earned and introducing over 30 other fantasy players since I started my league in 2003. I believe that getting people involved in fantasy football provides a valuable tool for creating friendships and rivalries, educating people on statistics, players, teams, and games that they usually would not be interested in, and most importantly all of the fun and memories that we as a league have created throughout the past 10+ years in my league of note. In this league, which I founded, I went to the first 7 consecutive championships and 8 overall in a 10 year span, with 4 championships, 4 runner-ups, and 6 points championships. Since 2003 I have also been in over 50 other leagues and have acquired an additional 7 Championships, 13 runner-ups and 12 points championships with a 75% win percentage across all leagues participated in combined. I have been battling Lyme Disease since 2006, am disabled, and despite these setbacks physically or mentally I truly look forward to fantasy football every year and will until I can no longer perform the task of keeping up with rosters and such due to my deteriorating motor skills, chronic fatigue, and memory troubles that Lyme Disease may cause in the future. Until that time comes though I will keep on keeping on and pray for many more seasons of fun filled fantasy football! Thank you for your consideration, God Bless You, and congratulations to those who do get in to the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame in past years, this year, and in future years!

Class of 2012

Mike Blazic

Mike Blazic's bust

For me, my Love of football started at a very young age. My dad played football, not in the NFL, but in a semi-pro league. I watched him play and dreamed of the day that I too would be playing, but in the NFL! I started by playing in the street on our block, like most kids do. At a young age I realized that I had a gift & could really throw the ball, both far and accurately. Id call the plays & deliver the ball touchdown! As I grew older I competed in the annual Punt, Pass and Kick competitions. I would take 1st Place in all of our local contests-year after year!

My love of the game continued to grow stronger and I knew that I was on my way to a career in the NFL!

I played in grade school, then high school, college, but NEVER made it to the NFL. I, like my dad before me, could only make it to the semi-pro level of competition. I played until the age of 26. I had gotten married and started a career with the federal government. So at 26, I gave up on my dream of a life in the NFL.

Then in the late 1980s, a friend I had played high school football and he asked if Id help him out with his Fantasy Football team. Id not heard of this type of football, but was drawn to it due to my Love and Passion of the game! I did all the research I could to assist him. This lead to his winning the league championship! Word spread and now another friend was asking if I too could help him. Of course I would and this lead to his 1st championship! I knew I could no longer play the game that I loved so much, so why not stay connected in this way?

So I bought my 1st computer. Now I was ready to get in the game! I prepared for my 1st “live” draft. Newfound information abounds! I read EVERYTHING I could leading up to that draft. I was hooked for life! I was like a child again, waiting for Christmas! Thats how much I would look forward to those drafts and I still do!

I started that 1st season with 3 teams. I won 2 league championships and I was on my way!

Every season I upped my number of teams so I could have MANY MORE Christmases! Three teams became 6, which became 9. Then on to 12, then 13! This lead to 15 and now this season Im up to 18 teams! Thats A LOT of Christmases!

This takes, as you can imagine, a lot of time to work the waiver wires, read the injury reports and attempt to make the necessary trades that will bring home the championships!

Through the years, Ive had several undefeated seasons, while averaging 7 league championships! My love of the game of Fantasy Football continues to grow stronger, season after season! That is why it would be such an ultimate honor to be selected into the Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame!

I would Not then rest my laurels, but strive to make the hall proud, season after season and championship after Championship to the very end!

With much appreciation,

Mike “Blaze” Blazic

Don Kasper

Don Kasper's bust

Immortalized in the Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame? I have long desired to be such. I deserve to become inducted in the Hall because I have created endless webpages detailing my Fantasy Football leagues while still finding the time to beat my opponents week after week. I am constantly scrolling through the waiver wire trying to find a gem in the rough. By planning ahead I know who to pick up several weeks in advance. I am worthy of becoming immortalized in the Toyota Legends of Fantasy Football Hall of Fame because my opponents mark our matchup as rivalry week, and week after week they have one more loss on their record.

Jeremy Pflug

Jeremy Pflug's bust

I am the king of the trade. I turn one trade into a frenzy of trades and in the end, I always come out on top. This year alone I have already accomplished this. I traded 2 bench players for a top notch QB – I already had the #1 QB though so why trade for another one??? Simply put… I already had another trade ready for that QB to bring in better position players, which absolutely shores up my lineup, without losing any of my big fantasy point players. I am also the “Bye Week King. I consistently find players sitting in free agency that no one knows about that can fill in for a week and get 10+ points. I have picked up wide receivers that hadnt caught more than 2 balls in any week and somehow I have a niche for finding those diamonds in the rough! My biggest accomplishment is running off 11 straight wins (still a league record) en route to a 13-1 regular season. That year I was able to win all the close ones by continually finding great matchups and selecting who to start and who to bench.

Mike Sofka

Mike Sofka's bust

I have been playing Fantasy Football since 1992. I played before instant and computerized scoring. I can remember looking up stats in the newspaper and hand adding scores! Now, I love the fact that we can look up stats and information via our smartphones!

For the past several years I have played in about 30 leagues each year on various platforms. I enjoy different formats, including those with individual defensive players and many different scoring variations as well as traditional formats.

My spouse hasnt always been on board with all the year round dedication to the game until I started letting her in on the prize money. Now she is all in!

Fantasy Football has given me the opportunity to make new friends and meet some great people. I have even participated in leagues with some professional football players. I have a few friends and acquaintances that hire me to assist them with their teams. Everything from draft prep, assisting with the actual draft, waivers, free agent pick ups, lineups, and trades.

Ive hosted a radio and an internet show dedicated to Fantasy Football. I also have a Fantasy Football blog. I have been fortunate to win many leagues and trophies. Over the past 20 years, I have participated in over 300 leagues. Ive been in the playoffs 198 times, and Ive won 61 championships.

Fantasy football is a year round activity for me, from scouting incoming college players, to following OTAs, minicamps, training camps, injuries and free agent signings, I always have something going on relating to fantasy football.

It is an honor and a privilege to be considered for the Yahoo! Toyota Fantasy Football Hall of Fame. I ask for your vote considering my passion, desire and intensity for Fantasy Football.

Thank you!

Scott Storma

Scott Storma's bust

If there were a Fantasy Draft for Fantasy Footballers, I would be the number one overall pick. Hands down. Get out the draft day cap, put my name on the back of a #1 jersey and hand it over because Im entering stage left.

It doesnt matter what type of league it is, I own it. Redraft, Keeper, PPR/non-PPR, weekly points, pick em, you name it, its been owned. I have more titles than Babe Ruth has nicknames. I had to build another fireplace to create more mantel space for my hardware. I dont have any more room for championship rings, because Im rolling 10+ deep.

So get out the bronze, and fire up my bust… Im destined for the HOF.

Class of 2011

Chadd Bishop

Chadd Bishop's bust

Chadd Bishop has played Fantasy Football for more than 15 years. He has won more than nine Yahoo! Fantasy Football championships, including an undefeated season. In all, Bishop has won almost 300 Yahoo! Fantasy Football games and has an 86% winning percentage.

Erick Grafemeyer

Erick Grafemeyer's bust

Erick Grafemeyer has played Fantasy Football since 1999. His record in Yahoo! Fantasy Football is impressive, having finished in the Top 3″ 22 times out of 36 leagues, and winning 11 times. He has been quoted as saying, I love this game so much I just can’t get enough of it. Every year I find ways to play as much as I possibly can because I love it so much.”

Philip Lewis

Philip Lewis's bust

Philip Lewis has played in 38 Fantasy Football leagues. He’s won his leagues 13 times, taken second place six times, and ranked in third place four times. In 2004, he won all four of the Yahoo! leagues he played in, and won a Fantasy Championship in every year except 2005. He has made the playoffs in every year since 2001.

Brian Music

Brian Music's bust

Brian Music has played Yahoo! Fantasy Football since 2001. In that time, he has built up a 65% winning percentage. His teams have both ranked in the top two and have won trophies in over 70% of the leagues he’s played in, and have ranked in the top two in overall points in over 85% of his leagues. In total, he has over 23 years of Fantasy Football experience.

Greg Padgett

Greg Padgett's bust

Greg Padgett has a natural knack for numbers” and has used his knowledge of spreadsheets and pivot tables, sophisticated mathematical formulas, and the game of football itself to amass a remarkable record. He is the only multi-winner of the prestigious 32-team NOVA Invitational, in which he triumphed 3 times.

Honorary Inductees

Andy Mousalimas

Andy Mousalimas's bust

Andy Mousalimas is an unlikely revolutionary. But the tall, robust man in his late 80s helped transform America. Andy Mousalimas turned Fantasy Football from a local game among friends to a wildly popular nationwide sensation.

Mousalimas was a founding member of the first Fantasy Football league in 1963. He chose the first draft pick in the history of the game. In fact, he still has that draft pick to this day. Decades before the Internet, his obsession drove him to pick up the day’s newspaper at 2:30 in the morning, every day, to pore over the sports pages.

But it was as owner of the Kings X sports bar in Oakland that Mousalimas would make his greatest impact. In 1969, he launched the first public leagues. He opened up the sport to women. And Mousalimas even changed the rule book itself, allowing players to win points for yardage — and not just touchdowns, as it was originally played.

Andy’s actions helped Fantasy Football spread throughout the nation. Leagues were formed from coast to coast and every state in between. The game continues to grow. Perhaps faster than ever.

There is no man alive today who’s played Fantasy Football longer than Andy Mousalimas. This year, Mousalimas took part in his 49th straight Fantasy Football draft, playing with his grandson.

Through it all, Mousalimas guarded the traditions of the sport so devoutly he was dubbed the Godfather of Fantasy Football.” Both founder and fan, Andy Mousalimas is a true all-time great.

John Rozek

John Rozek's bust

Top-ranked Fantasy Football player in the world

In a sport filled with competitive giants, John Rozek has risen to the top. By several sources, he’s been named the best player in the game today. The reigning King of Fantasy Football.

By day, he’s a mild-mannered Chicago accountant. A skill that helps make Rozek a Fantasy Football juggernaut. But his game speaks volumes. A 21-year veteran of the sport, Rozek boasts a steely determination and innate understanding of numbers that few can match.

His road to victory began from humble origins. Rozek was born in the small community of Fond Du Lac on the shores of Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. As a young boy, he was instilled with a deep love of football. He went on to play defensive back in college. He never made it to the pros. He was destined for a different kind of football stardom.

A deep knowledge of football and numbers made Rozek a natural for Fantasy Football. In his first season against the big boys in the high-stakes league, Rozek ranked third. From there, Rozek continued his relentless rise to the top. Year after year, he ranked in the highest brackets. In 2010, he was recognized as the best Fantasy Football player in the world.

A title he continues to defend to this day. Rozek’s star continues to rise and burn bright.

People don’t want me in my league…which is interesting.”

Kimra Schleicher

Kimra Schleicher's bust

One of the top rated Fantasy Football players in the world

Kimra Schleicher is a Fantasy Football mystery. Outside of the game, the Indiana attorney is subdued and gentle. But Schleicher’s performance on the Fantasy Football field is electrifying.

Within Schleicher’s calm, analytical mind lives the fierce competitive instinct of a true fighter. And a fighter’s ferocious ambition fueled her rise to the top.

Just two years after her first taste of the game in 2001, Schleicher began a relentless drive toward the fields of the cutthroat, high-stakes leagues in Las Vegas. She proved herself a stellar player, showing the male-dominated leagues that a woman could compete — and win — at the highest level.

In 2010, Schleicher achieved an unprecedented feat by placing two teams in a high-stakes league in the top ten. To this day no player man or woman has repeated this achievement.

Schleicher continues to refine her game and hone her competitive skills. A fearsome thought considering her already amazing winning percentage. Even with her hectic schedule, she finds time to play in local leagues and mentor other women in the game.

Kimra Schleicher is a true hero to fans and competitors alike.

Bill Winkenbach

Bill Winkenbach's bust

America has its founding fathers. And Fantasy Football has Bill Winkenbach.

The man known as Wink” is Fantasy Football’s greatest hero. Before Wink, football fans were relegated to bleachers and TV sets. That would all change in 1962.

The scene was a Manhattan hotel room on a rainy October night. On a business trip to the East Coast, Winkenbach and two close associates drafted the first set of rules for what would become Fantasy Football.

Wink spoke of a game where fans could create imaginary teams and battle for glory every Sunday. That simple idea would change the world.

Upon returning to his hometown of Oakland, Winkenbach became the first commissioner and began the very first league GOPPPL. The Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prediction League. Under his leadership, the game began to take root in Oakland. Soon, it would explode into a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, Fantasy Football is a passion that continues to inspire, excite and challenge millions of people across the nation. All because of one man. Wink’s legacy lives on in every draft, every trade, every moment of the glorious game.

Bill Winkenbach